Onboarding-500x354 You’ve heard about the LMS when thinking about employee training. And training challenges can add up when they’re not automated.

Whether as an employee or an administrator, everyone’s been there; facing an HR nightmare consisting of stacks of paperwork and dry, mandatory training seminars.


Enter the LMS…

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a virtually limitless online training software used for everything from compliance training to customer education. It allows administrators to create an interactive customizable interface with content that is more engaging for the user than your typical PowerPoint presentations and workbooks. Instead of struggling to find times for scheduled training, users can go online at their own convenience (or under deadline), to complete courses when possible, resulting in less stress all around.

With a Learning Management System, paperwork can be done away with. Videos and visual aids can be easily incorporated to encourage involvement, and assessments can be added to ensure desired levels of retention. With some Learning Management Systems, such as  Avizr, courses can even be customized to include your company’s logo, colors, and domain, to better personify your brand.

Unfortunately many companies today are unaware of this newer, more efficient method of online training. As of 2014, only “28.5% of training hours were delivered via online or computer based technologies” and just “15% of training hours were delivered via virtual classroom/webcast only.” But these numbers are steadily increasing as the business and education landscape modernizes.

Regardless of the number of employees you retain or the type of business you run, an LMS is the best available option for training and education. For more information, please check us out at Avizr, or take a glance through the following articles:

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