What makes a good employee? Whether you’re starting from the ground up with a new hire or bringing in a seasoned professional, here are a few training ideas that you can’t go wrong with.

Try The Training System Yourself

If you haven’t experienced your training program or used your learning management system recently, how can you expect your employees to benefit from it? Take some time to go through the course, making sure that everything is clear, that all necessary components are included, and that everything meshes with your company culture. Onboarding and training are often a new employee’s first experience with your company, so make it a good one!

Start Slowly

4413Learning a new skill set can be overwhelming. Even if your hire is experienced, every company does things differently and it will take time to adjust. Don’t bombard them with information. Instead, ease into things at as relaxed a pace as possible. If they are a quick learner, move things along. If not, take the extra time to ensure that they are being trained properly. You’ll save time down the road and prevent many avoidable mistakes by making sure your employees actually know what they’re doing.

Give Ongoing Praise And Feedback

6268 All employees, especially new ones, are going to make mistakes. This is to be expected. If a mistake is particularly disastrous, make sure the importance of the situation is understood. But don’t berate the employee who caused it and don’t make them feel stupid. For an employee to succeed in your company they need to be confident in their abilities. The best way to inspire confidence is to give positive feedback as often as possible, and show appreciation when expectations are exceeded.

Teach Training Skills But Pay Attention To The Individual

Keep in mind that each employee is an individual, with varying strengths and weaknesses. Teach them the skills they need in order to succeed at their job, but be wary of trying to force all employees into one mold. For example, suppose you’re responsible for a field engineer whose duties entail going on customer calls. If she is naturally introverted (a trait) don’t try to convince her to be more extroverted (a trait) in order to help you sell. Instead, train her how to listen actively (a skill) and how to use terminology customers will understand (a skill).

Use Team Building Exercises

6740If your employees have an understanding of what exactly it is that their co-workers do, they will function better as a team. While they don’t need to be able to perform each and every one of their co-workers jobs, there is something to be said for the sharing of information. For example, “Once a month, VoIP Supply holds MBA Mondays where employees lead a training session to help their peers learn more about  their area of expertise, such as HTML, building Excel spreadsheets, or writing a business plan.”1http://yfsmagazine.com/2013/06/25/10-effective-ways-to-train-and-educate-new-employees/ This connection will help your employees to see themselves as part of a bigger whole- not just a single person plugging away behind a computer screen.

Every new employee is an opportunity to improve your company. No matter what role they are filling, there is a positive contribution they can be making to your organization as a whole. The role of the trainer is to find a new hire’s strong points, and bring them out.

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