How To Sell Courses Through PayPal

You can easily create PayPal buttons and then sell your Avizr courses.

To sell your courses through PayPal:

1. Visit E-commerce->PayPal and verify your PayPal e-mail address.

2. Create an Instant Payment Notification in PayPal (IPN).

Visit Profile->My Selling Tools in PayPal to add an IPN. After adding an IPN to your PayPal account, PayPal will let Avizr know as soon as someone has purchased a course. Avizr can then complete the process by sending out a course invitation.

3. Create your PayPal button.

Visit Profile->My Selling Tools in PayPal to add a button. Create a Buy Now button with the name of your course and the price of the course. Copy the html code from PayPal and put it on your website after adding the Custom Code that Avizr creates; the custom code will let Avizr know which course the button refers to.

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