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Without a proper sales training program, you can expect uneven results from your sales force, resulting in lower profits for your company. Although developing a sales training program may cost an initial investment in time or money, it can be certainly worth it in the long run. As with any process, it can be iterative, helping you to see the best way to train your sales force in order to maximize profits.

Use Training Software

Much of the sales training can be effectively performed online through a Course Management System or Learning Management System.  Introductory sales training courses can be developed that ensure your sales force understands the key components of the sales process, usually at a cost of around a dollar per user. Through videos, online assessments, and PowerPoint presentations, your sales force can be quickly trained in understanding all aspects of the sales process.


mentorWhile training software is a good start, having a sales mentor can be a very powerful way to help individual sales people make more sales. Through this type of training, you could identify your lowest performers, and assign one of your top performers to mentor them.

The person mentored could gain valuable insights from the mentor.  To make it worth the mentor’s time, the mentor could potentially receive a portion of the commissions earned by the person being mentored for the first year.


Sales people are competitive by nature, otherwise they wouldn’t be in sales. Gamification, which adds a competitive aspect to the training process, can be used to push the trainees, whether the sales training program is through an online training platform or taught through a more traditional approach.

One possible way to gamify the process would be to double commissions for trainees who achieve a certain score in a training course. Another way to do so would be to make it “winner take all”: double the commissions only for the team of sales people who achieve the highest score.

Set Measurable Goals

The goal of the sales training is to increase your company’s bottom line. However, the only way that you’re going to know if thespecific, measurable, agreed, realistic, time-bounded training is effective is if you have measurable goals.  Knowing how much the training initially costs and the resulting profits in terms of increased sales is probably the most obvious way to measure the success of the program.

Even if the ROI is acceptable, a good strategy would be to figure out who benefited the most from the training and why. Then, the sales training can be an iterative process, increasing the ROI with each new cohort of trainees taking the course.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Has your company implemented a successful sales training program? If so, did you find it beneficial? And, if not, why? Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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