A lot of time and effort can go into choosing an LMS (Learning Management System) for employee training. However, an LMS system is just like any other software; you’re really only going to know if it’s right for you and your company after you’ve had time to use it. In addition, the type of trainings you need to offer may change over time. Because of this, what works today might not work in the future. What are some reasons you might want to change your LMS system? We list 5 below.

1. The Wrong Features

sports carIf you love beautiful, sleek cars (and have money to burn!), then you might find yourself in the market for a Porsche. If, on the other hand, you love to go hiking, you might think about buying a Subaru. Depending on your needs — beauty versus off-road functionality in this case — the features of what you’re looking for may be very different.

The same process applies when choosing a course management system. Since nobody has a crystal ball, you and your company should think about what features are currently important for an online course platform. However, that could change as your training needs change.

Once you see that your LMS no longer has the features you need, you can first try and contact your LMS vendor to put in a feature request. If the feature could benefit other users and your LMS vendor is willing and able to make the request happen, then you may not need to change companies. Otherwise, it may be time to look for new course management system options.

2. Technical Issues

AttentionWith any software, “bugs happen.” Even huge companies such as Microsoft and Apple have to create patches for software that doesn’t work as intended. However, if your course management system is plagued by issues, then it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

Another technical reason for you to start looking for a new course management system is if the online LMS is too slow. The last thing that you want is for your trainees to be frustrated as they try and access their online courses.

3. The LMS Is Too Expensive

The cost of any LMS training is two-fold. First, there’s the dollar cost of the training. For an LMS website that charges a monthly or annual subscription fee, you can easily determine the per trainee cost, simply by taking the subscription fee and dividing it by the total number of trainees taking courses during that time frame.

The other potential cost is the time involved in working with the system. If you’re finding that the LMS system is difficult to use or that you need to actually train your trainees on how to use it, then you should probably think about changing your LMS system to something that’s easier to work with.

4. Bad Support

HelpWebsites have varying degrees of support. Some websites will respond to support requests within minutes or hours. Others can take days. Some of them won’t respond at all. If your support requests either take a long time to elicit a response or the requests don’t get answered at all, then it’s time to use a new LMS website!

Don’t be shy about sending faux support requests as you’re getting to know a particular online course platform. This could be a good way to test the waters to see what the support might look like just in case things do go wrong.

5. Wrong Type of Training

A course management system isn’t a panacea for all types of training. While an LMS can certainly be a way to make the training process a lot more efficient, if the training demands a more traditional approach, then it’s time to change your LMS from having one to not having one!

Your thoughts?

If you’ve recently changed your company’s LMS, what were the driving factors in the process? What were the challenges in making the change? Were you happy with the results after you changed your LMS?  Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment form below.

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