PowerPoint is often seen as an outdated software, useful for student presentations and professors’ slide shows, but not much more. While it is a great tool for these purposes, it can be used for much more. Below are four tips to create engaging PowerPoint presentations that can be flawlessly incorporated into the modules you design for your online course platform.

4 PowerPoint Tips

  1. boringslide2Ditch the standard templates. The default fonts and colors are plain boring. Switch it up. It may sound silly, but simple changes like “serif” fonts for headers and a unique color scheme can really make your slideshow more interesting. To amp it up a bit, incorporate your company’s colors and logo into the scheme.
  2. Don’t go text crazy. One of the biggest mistakes made when using PowerPoint is making slides way too text heavy. The beauty of a learning management system is that it is highly interactive, so make your slideshow interactive too! This is the perfect place to include comics, photos, quizzes, charts, and videos. Try to make each slide contain one non-text element.
  1. 12as91Utilize infographics. What is an infographic? An infographic is a “graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.” Not only are they far more appealing to the eye than textual data, they also allow viewers to absorb and understand far more.
  2. Embed multimedia. In the past, the only way to include online content in a PowerPoint presentation was to insert a link. Now, it is fairly simple to embed content in a slide, whether it’s a sound byte, a YouTube clip, or a full length video. And if you’re not technologically inclined, there are tutorials everywhere to give you the step by step.

PowerPoint may be frequently underrated, but if used correctly, it can still be a highly effective tool. With interactive content, creative themes, and embedded media, your slideshows can be used to bring your courses to life.


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