Online Training Software for Nonprofits

Online training software isn’t just for big companies. The right learning software can help your nonprofit organization train employees, engage with volunteers and clients, and spread your message beyond your organization.┬áThis kind of system helps you organize materials and keeps your energy focused where it should be: on your organization’s mission.

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Here’s how online training for nonprofits can help your organization:

Streamline communications, automate trainings

Online training software, also referred to as a learning management system (LMS), provides a single system to store training materials and communicate with employees, volunteers, and clients about the training process.

Depending upon the kinds of training you offer, you can use the software to automate many parts of the training process. If your organization requires periodic compliance trainings, such as staying up to date on sexual harassment trainings, you can set up automatic email reminders that are sent to employees when they need them. By automating this portion of the training process, you can free up your employees to work on other tasks, saving the organization time and money.

The Avizr system will help you keep track of who’s completed their training and how they scored on any quizzes or assessments you include. The Avizr software makes it easy to incorporate video and other interactive features that keep your participants engaged.

Avizr’s platform makes it simple to set up modules that trainees complete in order. If you want people to understand one concept before moving on to the next, simply set it up so that participants have to pass a quiz or other assessment with a certain score before getting access to the next module.

Use with online, hybrid, or in-person trainings

If you offer in-person trainings, you can use the system to store materials in one easy place for all participants. If you prefer a blended approach, you can use the assessment features to build quizzes that help participants understand the material before they meet with the group. Avizr’s software also makes it easy to send and receive training-related messages.

Train clients or volunteers

If your organization trains clients or volunteers, you can easily share access to Avizr’s platform with people outside your organization. Pricing is determined by the number of active users each month, and those log-ins can be re-used. If someone has completed a training and no longer needs access to the platform, you can give that access to someone new with no change in cost to the organization.

We’ve designed Avizr to work in the background: the platform can be customized with your organization’s logo and other branding so that your volunteers know they’re working with your materials, not ours.

Sell courses outside your organization

If your organization has created training courses with broad appeal, we’ve partnered with several e-commerce platforms that make it easy to sell your courses to people outside the organization.

Online training software can help your organization use resources efficiently, engage with clients and volunteers, and spread the word about your organization’s mission.

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