When we think about training and development, we most often think about things like onboarding or helping employees develop new skills. But online training software can be a useful tool to create external trainings that help your organization engage with volunteers or customers.

Read on for ideas on using your learning management system with trainees beyond your organization.

Train your volunteers

If your organization has volunteers, online training software can help you create a consistent training experience for the people sharing their time and energy on behalf of your mission.

External trainings for volunteers: Image of kid volunteers with a treeVolunteer engagement and retention is an important task, and training software can help you streamline the training process and communicate more effectively. With a learning management system, you can upload files and information about your organization and make it available to all volunteers.¬†People can access the system when and how they want, including on mobile devices. You can use the software to help volunteers understand your organization’s mission and history, as well as learn the information they’ll need to be effective in their roles. And when volunteers feel effective in their roles, they’re more likely to stick around.

Training software platforms also make it easy for volunteer coordinators to organize information and track who’s accessed which training materials. If you offer in-person trainings, the software can easily be used to store files and to give volunteers additional ways to learn. Training software also makes it easy to track which volunteers are most engaged, which can help your organization focus recruitment and retention strategies. As training needs change over time, the training software makes it easy to keep materials and people up to date on those changes.

If you’re with a nonprofit organization and want to try online training software, Avizr offers special rates just for nonprofits. Contact us for more information.

Train your customers

We’ve all been there: You buy something and are excited to put it to use, but when you go to try it out, you can’t figure out the instructions. Too often, the assembly process involves a grainy photographed sheet of instructions and a pile of random parts with an allen wrench thrown in for good measure.

Word cloud (growth, success, vision, marketing) with themes associated with training customers as part of a marketing planThis might be fine for putting together a bookshelf from a big-box store, but if your product involves any sort of long-term relationship or a product that’s slightly more complex, it’s worth the time to invest in training materials that start the relationship off right.

This is where online training software can help out. You can upload videos, guides, and any other helpful materials, then give your customers access to these external trainings. When you create the modules, you can organize the materials in whatever way seems most appropriate, and your customers can access the materials when and how they want. The site can be a great resource for the questions that always seem to pop up once the trainer’s left the site!

Sell courses online

If you’ve put the time and energy into creating great courses with broad appeal, you can sell access to those online courses and earn extra revenue. From MOOCs to microlearning, more and more people are turning to the internet to gain skills and earn certifications. If you’ve got good content that’s organized and engaging, why not make it available to people outside your organization?

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a special skillset or knowledge of a particular industry, and you’d like to share that with others with similar interests. For example, a skilled editor with deep experience helping people get book contracts could use online training software to create a mini-course on how to approach a publisher with a proposal. With the right combination of experience and market knowledge, creating an online course is an easy way to re-package the work you’re already doing for a different audience–and still earn revenue!

This model would also work for a larger organization with specialized knowledge and industry reputation. For example, a food producer with a reputation for quality could create a course that outlines the process and methods they use for achieving their high standards. Such a course could help train others, earning revenue, and also be a potential recruiting tool.

We know that most organizations are busy being good at their thing–and whatever that thing might be, it’s probably not selling online courses! At Avizr, we’ve partnered with Shopify and Ontraport to make the process of selling online courses easy. We’ve got complete documentation¬†and we’re here to help if you run into trouble.

Online training software is as useful for working with people outside your organization as it is for training employees within it.

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