Online Training Software for Businesses

Avizr for business: Our online training software can help your business do more.

Taking notes: online or in-person

Flexibility and lower training costs

Whether your company has employees in one office or spread around the world, Avizr’s online training software lets employees everywhere access to the information they need to do their jobs well.

For companies with employees in many locations, Avizr’s platform makes it easy to create online training programs that can be accessed from anywhere. Employees stay up to date on policies and practices, and your company saves on airfare and other costs associated with in-person trainings.

Avizr’s platform is a one-stop training portal. The system makes it easy to store and distribute documents, and trainers can set up automatic reminders that ask employees to take refresher trainings as needed.

Avizr’s flexibility means your employees can access training information and complete their training programs when and how they want. This streamlines the training process and minimizes disruptions to other work processes.

Track progress and customize trainings

Avizr’s training platform lets you include video, discussions, and other interactive elements to make courses more engaging.

The system’s many automated features make it easy for trainers to track learner progress. For example, instructional designers can create quizzes that are scored automatically. Trainers can set up automatic reminders so that training doesn’t get lost in the daily shuffle.

Avizr will create custom reports that make it easy to track the metrics that matter most to your company and can generate customizable certificates of completion.

The pricing levels reflect the number of active users. For example, if Joe has completed all his trainings for a given time period, you can transfer that log-in to Suzy. You only pay for the level of current, active users, giving you flexibility and saving you money.

Train customers or sell courses online

Depending upon the nature of your business, you might want to train your customers in how to use your products. Avizr’s platform makes it easy to set up courses that can be accessed by anyone with a link. Your customers will understand your products better, and it gives you another opportunity to engage with them.

Avizr also offers the ability to sell courses through a platform like Shopify or Ontraport. If you’ve created courses that would appeal to people outside your organization or customer base, you can sell them and earn extra revenue.

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