If you’re part of a small or mid-sized company and are looking for an LMS website to help with training new employees online, then you probably have very different needs than a large company such as Apple or Uber. For example, you might not need features like the SSO (Single Sign-On) or differing levels of access restrictions that large companies absolutely have to have.

And, while these are great features, they may be overkill for small or mid-size companies who are looking for an LMS website. What are some of the most important features for an LMS website to have if you don’t have 100,000 employees?

Tutorial Not Needed

question markIf you’re a small or mid-sized company, then you might not have a dedicated staff for your in-house training program. So, you want an LMS system that is really easy to use.

Tutorials are important to have, but if the LMS website is clear enough that you don’t actually need to use the tutorial, this is a good sign that the online course platform is worth a second look.

If, on the other hand, the website’s structure is not intuitive, then you’ll need to spend time training your staff on how to use the training platform. This doesn’t seem like a wise use of resources!

No Gorillas In The Room

gorillaWhile it can be impressive when an LMS website touts its big client names as a way to show you how great they are, as a small or mid-sized company, do you really care? If I were part of a smaller or mid-sized company, I would personally be a bit hesitant to work with a company if many of their clients were the gorillas in the room.

Would the LMS website provide me with the same level of support as it does for their “major” clients? Would the system become overly complicated with new features that only benefit the larger companies?

Not Too Few And Not Too Many Features

check markWhen choosing a training management system to train your employees, the features of the platform should be an important part of the decision process. However, the right features for one company are going be different than the right features for another company.

Do you need to upload unlimited content? Make sure that this is a site-feature. Do you need to customize the platform?  Check that this is a feature. Should the LMS system be able to create the perfect espresso? If so, then sign me up!

On the other hand, make sure that the LMS website doesn’t have “too many” features for your needs. Otherwise it will just be more difficult to use and will probably cost more money and time in the long run.


Small and mid-sized companies have different needs than large companies when it comes to choosing their LMS website.  Ease-of-use, the LMS’s customer base, and the site features are three things to think about as part of the decision making process.

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