How To Add Trainers To The System

Easily invite trainers to collaborate with the Avizr LMS platform. Once you invite trainers through the system, they can create courses and invite trainees to participate in courses through Avizr’s LMS. Trainers also have limited control over course components. However, trainers do not have access to system-wide settings such as billing and customization of the LMS platform. As the owner of the course, you maintain control over those settings.

If you’re working with other trainers as part of the courses you create through the Avizr LMS, invite them to the system using the following steps:

1. Click on Trainers.

2. Click on Invite Trainers One At A Time.

3. Provide the system with the trainer’s name and email address.

4. We’ll then send the trainer an invitation by email.

If you refresh the page, you’ll be able the see the status of your current invitations so that you know whether a trainer has accepted an invitation yet. If you no longer want a trainer to have access to the system, you can delete the trainer. As the Owner of the account, any courses created by that trainer will then be moved to your account.

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