How To Invite Trainees To Courses

After you create an online course through Avizr’s LMS platform, you can invite trainees to courses through the system. Trainees can receive registration links by email, and they can then sign up for the course you created through the system.

1. First sign into your Avizr account.

2. Make sure that the course is published by clicking on the cloud next to the course. Published courses will look green while unpublished courses will look grey.

3. There are three ways that you can invite trainees to your course. You can invite them one by one, in bulk, or you can provide a public link for trainees to register for your course.

One by one: To invite a single trainee to one of your online training courses, click on “Invite Trainees One At A Time.” Then, provide the system with the trainee’s first name, last name, and his or her email address. After you click on the Invite button, the trainee will receive an email with information on how to register for the online course.

In Bulk: If you have multiple trainees to invite to an online course, you can upload them in bulk. Click on Bulk Upload Trainees. Then, click on “this structure” to download a file with the correct spreadsheet structure that can be read by the system. Enter your trainees into the spreadsheet, then upload the trainees to the system.

A Public Link: If you want anyone to be able to register for your training course, you can create a public link for the course. Click on Get a Public Link For The Course. Then create a link for the course. Anybody who has access to this link will then be able to register for your course. If you no longer want anybody with the link to have access to your course, simply delete the link.

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