How To Integrate With Shopify

Once you create a course through Avizr’s LMS platform, you can easily integrate with Shopify to sell the course and earn revenue through your Shopify account. The process is as easy as giving Avizr permission to communicate with your Shopify account and then deciding which courses you would like to sell.

To integrate Shopify with Avizr:

1. First log into your Avizr account. Then, go to Ecommerce -> Shopify.

2. Provide Avizr with the URL of your shop. The URL will look something like:

where “best-store-ever” is the name of your online store.

3. Click on Authorize Avizr and you’ll be asked to log into you Shopify Account.

4.  Once the integration is complete you can enable e-commerce on courses that you create.

At this point you can now begin selling the courses online through your Shopify store. For your e-commerce enabled courses, log into Shopify and give those courses a price. You also have the option to customize your Shopify store as described in their documentation.

When someone purchases a course through your Shopify store, our system will be automatically alerted and your customer will receive a course invitation. Your customer will then register for the course using a special link and they can then take the online course. Once enrolled in the course, your customers will have access to all the same Avizr features, and you’ll earn revenue from the courses you’ve created.

As always, if you need help with anything related to Avizr, contact us for help.

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