Integrate With Ontraport

Ontraport is an online marketing platform that can also be used to sell your online training courses. Integrating Avizr with Ontraport only takes a couple of minutes. Once you’ve integrated the two platforms, you can create your training course using Avizr’s LMS, sell the course through Ontraport, and take advantage of all of Ontraport’s marketing functionalities to help develop your customer base and sell more courses.

To integrate with Ontraport:

1. Log into your Avizr account and click on E-commerce -> Ontraport.

2. Provide Avizr with your Ontraport App Id and Key.

You can find this information by logging into your Ontraport Account. After logging in, click on your email in the top right corner. Then, click on Administration. Under Integrations, you’ll find Ontraport Integrations and Key Manager. Click on New API Key and give your API key a name. Finally, give the key all permissions (the check boxes on the right) and save. You’ll then be provided with the APP Id and API key which you can copy back to Avizr.

3. Click Authorize Avizr in your Avizr account.

4.  After you click Enable E-commerce in Avizr, you’ll be provided with a special link which you’ll be using to create your Smart Form back in Ontraport. This link will contain the information that Ontraport needs to allow the two systems to talk with one another at the time of purchase.

5.  Back in your Ontraport account, you’ll see which Avizr courses are e-commerce enabled. Give these courses a price, and you’ll be ready to start creating your Ontraport form.

6.  Create a new Smart Form in Ontraport.

7. Click on Set Products, and choose the course from the list of possible products.

8. Choose a payment method in the Payment Gateway.

9. In the Form’s Settings, paste in the URL that you copied from Avizr to the Custom URL field and under the Advanced section, click on “Pass CGI variables to the Landing/Thank you page.

10. Give the form a name and save it.

At this point, you can provide your customers with the form to purchase access to your online course. When they complete their purchase, they’ll be automatically re-directed to Avizr’s site where they can finish the registration process for the course.

As always, if you need help with anything related to Avizr, contact us.

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