Management training is a hot topic in the corporate sector. And for good reason.  While good managers can help you to get the best out of your employees, bad managers can bring productivity to a standstill.  And, unfortunately, the existence of bad managers in an organization seems to be as sure as death and taxes.


Payoff of management training

The skills associated with management training are known as so-called soft skills, so it may be hard to precisely measure the benefits.  However, common sense tells us that management training is a type of investment that will surely payoff with a very healthy ROI.

A lack of management training can severely limit the potential of a department or organization.  However, great managers can create an atmosphere where everyone gives 110% to the cause and as a result, everyone’s expectations are surpassed.

Management training videos for your organization

Depending on the size of your organization’s budget, you may decide to hire an instructional designer and/or a corporate trainer to develop the training program.  However, there are also a lot of free management training videos on YouTube.  And, these videos can provide a springboard to show you how to think about your own organization’s management training.

In addition, for organizations which have a more limited budget, one might even be able to use some of these videos as part of an organization’s Do It Yourself training course.  However, before you use your organization’s course management software to create a video module with a YouTube video, be sure to contact the video’s owner to make sure that they don’t mind if you embed the video.

7 management training videos found on YouTube

1. John Maxwell The 5 Levels of Leadership
An extremely dynamic, no nonsense speaker, John Maxwell gives excellent practical advice on how to be a good manager.

2. Emotional Intelligence: How Good Leaders Become Great
As part of the UC Davis Executive Leadership Program, this lecture gives some insight into how emotional intelligence comes into the play with training managers to do their best.

3. How Great Leaders Inspire Action
Using case studies including the Wright Brothers, Tivo, and Martin Luther King, Simon Sinek presents an inspirational Ted Talk on ways that leadership thought can promote action.

4. Learn How To Manage People And Be A Better Leader
This short “cartoon” video provides some practical advice on how to better manage people.

5. Leadership Videos #1
A collage of different leadership types seen in a variety of movie clips, this video provides a great opportunity to watch different leadership styles and subsequently reflect on the pros and cons of each.

6. What is Good Leadership? Introverts Break It Down
Not all managers have to be extroverts!  This video gives a perspective on leadership and management styles from some of the great leaders of history — none of whom were extroverts.

7. The Rarest Commodity Is Leadership Without Ego
In this independently organized Ted Talk, Bob Davids talks about how to lead without ego.

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