Do you think that most of your employees are going to complete their training any faster because they receive “badges” (Exciting!!!!) or “points” (Now you’re talking….)?

To quote Jerry Maguire, employee training motivation may require something else entirely:

If we lived in a perfect world, then employees at your company would be chomping at the bit to complete their OSHA Safety Training or the training that they need to fully understand your company’s new accounting system.  However, if you’ve ever been in charge of an employee training program, then you know that it’s tough to motivate your trainees to complete their training.

Your trainees probably have a limited interested in the type of training that they need to complete.  In addition, they have a limited amount of time during the day to get their jobs done.  And without any clear motivation to complete their training, they’re certainly going to wait until the last minute to complete the training — that is, if they complete it at all.

Employee training motivation through Course Rewards

At Avizr, we’ve come up with a powerful solution to the employee training motivation problem to help ensure that your employees complete their training courses.  Through our Course Rewards program, we’ve partnered up with Tango Card to automatically reward your employees for course completion with Gift Cards.

And, the process consists of just 3 steps:

  1. Your trainee chooses a Gift Card Reward.
  2. You authorize the purchase.
  3. We email the reward.

It’s that simple!

Gift Card reward options

Currently we offer gift cards through Starbucks, Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Office Depot, Overstock, T.G.I. Friday’s, and Walmart.  In addition, after your employees complete their training, they can choose Gift Cards from the Clean Water Fund or the National Parks Foundation.

Trainees who choose either of the last two options will be using their Gift Cards to automatically provide donations.  With that said, there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to use the Gift Card to buy a latte at Starbucks or an appetizer at T.G.I. Friday’s.  However, using the Gift Card as a donation vehicle provides a great way for your company to get its own training done while acting in the role of Good Corporate Citizen, all with minimal effort.

A little more about the process…

Once your trainee completes a course, they’ll be asked to click on a link which will give them access to the Gift Cards that you’ve chosen.  Your trainee then makes a choice from this list and “pre-orders” the Gift Card.

Assuming that you have trainees who have completed training courses, you’ll receive an email notification daily, letting you know how many Gift Cards need to be purchase.  You can then sign in to your Avizr Account to authorize the purchase and we take care of automatically emailing your trainees with the purchased Gift Cards.

Interested in learning more?

We’re really excited about rolling out this new feature.  And, we’d love to get your feedback on the process. If you’re interested in offering Gift Cards to your trainees through our Course Rewards program, then please contact us, and we’ll see if you’re a good fit for this special program.

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