Customizing The LMS

You can customize the platform so that the style of Avizr’s LMS matches with your company’s brand. Clicking on Settings will bring you the various options that you can change on the LMS platform.

Site Colors

To customize the site’s colors, you can enter a hexadecimal or choose a color from the drop down menu. It’s possible to change the header, content, and footer colors. If you decide that you don’t want to keep the colors, you can always reset to the default colors of the site.

Custom Domain Name

Entering a custom domain domain enables your trainees to visit Avizr’s LMS through a branded URL. For example, if your company’s name is “best-company-ever”, then enter this into the textbox. Then your trainees can visit to log into the platform.

Company Name

Avizr’s online learning platform sends trainees messages when they are invited to a course and upon completion of a course. If you provide your company name, the emails will be signed with your company name instead of Avizr.

Company Logo

Upload your logo to our LMS and we’ll resize it and put it in the header of every page that your trainees visit.

Custom Footer

If you’re comfortable with HTML, then you’re also welcome to change the footer of the website. Further, the website is built using Twitter Bootstrap, so you have access to Boostrap’s CSS classes. And you can always restore the default footer if you’re not happy with the results.

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