How To Customize Certificates

When your trainees complete an online course through Avizr’s LMS, the system can easily create customized certificates of completion for each individual trainee. Although the Avizr system will also create a default certificate for your employees if you prefer to keep things simple, it’s easy to update your preferences so that your customized certificates are in keeping with the look and feel of your other training materials.

1. Go to Settings->Certificates to view the current certificate.

2. To edit the text of the certificate, click on Edit Text and begin typing.

You can easily change the style of the text in the certificate and create placeholders using: [trainee first name], [trainee last name], [course name], [course score], and [date completed]. When these values are placed in the certificate in brackets, the LMS will automatically replace the placeholders with the particular trainee’s information upon completion of the course.

3. To change the background of the certificate, click on Choose Background, then choose from one of the available certificate backgrounds.

Please note that you must click on Save if you’d like the changes to your customized certificates to be saved to the system. If you’re not happy with the results, you can always click on Restore Default to restore the original certificate.

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