How To Create A Survey Module

Survey modules are tools that help provide feedback from trainees on topics related to the course. They’re a great way to get feedback from trainees and promote interaction and engagement in your online courses. Survey modules are different from assessments in that they are not graded. The Avizr LMS platform makes it easy to create and update survey modules for the trainees in your courses.

To create a survey module:

1.  Begin by editing a course that you’ve created. Or create a new course and then add the survey module.

2.  Fill out the Meta Information for the survey module.

3.  After you update the Meta Information, you can add a multiple choice, true false, or free response question.

Multiple Choice: For multiple choice questions, please provide a survey question and at least 3 possible responses.

True False: For true false questions, please just provide a statement that your trainees can evaluate as true or false.

Free Response: Please provide the system with a question. Then, your trainees will respond with free text.

4.  After you have created your survey questions, you can edit questions, delete questions, or re-order the survey questions by dragging them to the new order.

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