How To Create A Document Module

Document modules are a great way to provide our trainees with Word documents or PowerPoints to enhance your training course.  When the trainee visits a document module, he or she will see the document that you upload directly in the web page.

To create a document module:

1. Begin by editing a course that you’ve created. Or, create a new course and then add a document module.

2. Fill out the Meta Information for the document module.

3. You can add a document to the system either by uploading the document or providing our LMS platform with embed code from services such as Google Docs or Box.

Upload A Document: To upload a document to the system, click on “A document that I upload to the system”. Then, select the document from your computer. This document can be a word document, PDF, or a PowerPoint presentation. Please note that as a document, the PowerPoint can’t have an audio associated with it. Once uploaded, we’ll serve the document through Box to provide your trainees with a seamless experience in their online course.

Embed a document: You can embed a document by clicking on “From Google Drive or Box”. The embed code should contain iframe tags.  And, if you can’t figure out how to get the embed code from your particular document service, then please just contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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