How To Create An Assessment Module

Assessment modules are a great way to test your trainees’ knowledge. And they’re very easy to add in the Avizr LMS platform.

To create an assessment module:

1. Begin by editing a course that you’ve created. Or create a new course and then add the assessment module.

2. Fill out the Meta Information for the assessment module.

In addition to the name of the assessment and the optional description, we’ll need some other information. The percent to pass will let the LMS system know the score your trainees need in order to pass the assessment. In addition, you can specify how many attempts a trainee is allowed for a given question. Finally, the assessment module can be considered completed if either the trainee passes the assessment or if the trainee just submits solutions to all of the assessment questions. If they don’t pass the assessment but are required to do so, then all of the submitted solutions will be removed from the system and they will be asked to try the assessment again.

3. Once the information above is updated, you can add a multiple choice or true/false question to the LMS.

Multiple Choice Questions: For multiple choice questions, please provide the question text, in addition to the correct answer, and at least 2 incorrect answers; the system will take care of randomizing the order. You can provide optional hints for the trainee. If the trainee does not answer the question correctly, he or she will be provided with the hint.

True False Questions: For true false questions, please provide a statement which can be evaluated as true or false. Then let the system know whether the statement is true or false.

4.  After you create your questions, you can edit them, delete them, or re-order them by dragging the questions to the new order.

5.  You can preview the online assessment by clicking on Course Overview and then clicking on the eyeglass icon next to the assessment module.

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