How To Create A Downloads Module

The downloads module in the Avizr LMS platform lets you provide supplemental files that your trainees can access, print, or store on their computers. This feature is particularly useful if you’re conducting hybrid trainings or if you need to provide materials for in-person trainings. Storing additional files on the Avizr LMS platform is also an easy way to provide resources to employees long after their initial training is completed.

To use this feature in the Avizr system, you first upload a file to the LMS and then trainees can click on a download link to access the file to save and use whenever it is convenient for them.

To create a downloads module:

1. Begin by editing a course that you’ve created. Or create a new course, then add the downloads module.

2. Fill out the Meta Information for the downloads module.

3. Select a file from your computer that you’d like your trainees to download.

4. The file will then be uploaded to our system and served securely through Amazon’s Cloud. The trainee will just need to click on the file and then it will download to his or her computer.

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