How To Create A New Course

To create a course with Avizr’s eLearning platform, start with basic information about the course, such as when it starts and what the name of the course will be. Once you create the course in the Avizr LMS, you can start to add training modules and invite trainees to the online course.

To create a new course:

1. Log into Avizr and click on Add New Course.

2. Give your course a name.

The course name is what your trainees will see when they register for the online course, so try to make the course name descriptive enough that the trainees understand what they’re registering for.

3. Give your course an optional description.

4. Decide when the trainees need to complete the course.

When the trainee needs to complete a course is up to you. For example, you can elect to have the trainee complete their course at their own pace. In this case, there would be no due date for the course. In addition, you can set a date for them to finish the course. Please note that the 9:00am time refers to the trainee’s time zone. Finally, you can give trainees X months to finish the course, where X is a whole number, such as 1, 2, 3, …

5. What access level should the trainees have after the course is completed?

Once the trainee has completed the course, you can take away course access immediately. You also have the option of letting the trainee have access to the course forever, or you can give them access for X days after completing the course, where X is a whole number, such as 1, 2, 3, …

6. Should the trainees receive a certificate?

Certificates are a way for you to congratulate users when they finish the course. The certificate can be personalized with information about the trainee, such as his or her name, and the score the trainee receives in the course. If you’d like them to receive a certificate, then by choosing “Yes”, they’ll get a special link to their certificate after they’ve finished the course.

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