Course Rewards

Course Rewards are a great way to improve the completion rate and time-to-completion for your training courses. Simply choose the reward, fund your account, and we’ll automatically e-mail your trainees their Gift Cards after they complete their courses.

To setup your Course Rewards:

1. Go to Rewards->Settings

2. Decide which Gift Cards your trainees can choose from.

3. Choose the amounts of the Gift Cards.

When a trainee completes a course, they’ll be asked to choose from the Gift Card choices which you provided. And, once you have trainees who have requested Gift Cards, you’ll need to create a Tango Card Account. Tango Card is a third-party which Avizr has integrated with to supply the Gift Cards.

To create your Tango Card Account:

1. Go to Rewards->Order History.

2. Enter your Company Name.

3. Use the information provided to fund your account with Tango Card.

Finally, you can process your gift card orders. You’ll have a running update as your cards are automatically processed and emailed to your trainees.

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