“How To Make Compliance Training Rock”. A great article that was written a few years ago, but is still very relevant. As learning management systems have grown in popularity over the last few years and more companies have made the switch, the question has changed from “Do I need an LMS?”, to “How can I make my LMS better?”

The straight-forward advantages of a learning management system are fairly clear. They save time, trees, and money, and provide easily accessible insight into employees’ progress and success. These benefits can be obtained with minimal effort, so imagine what can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease and inspiration.

Below, see two examples of how to bring your compliance training courses to life. Often seen as dry, mandatory experiences in the past, companies are starting to implement innovative digital techniques to enhance the overall training experience.


Above is a video created by Resonate Pictures for the business consulting firm, BearingPoint. It is one part of a 10 episode series modeled on The Office, that deals with sexual harassment, inappropriate expenditures, and other compliance training issues. The series was a hit. According to Fast Company, “New episodes debuted each Monday, but employees were so ravenous for the next episode that they started tracking them down on the company’s staging server where the videos were posted on the preceding Friday. Thousands of employees watched the videos before they were released. Note: When your company’s employees are madly searching for your compliance videos, you’ve done something right”.



In the second example above, we see an equally brilliant concept– an interactive online comic created by Broken Co-worker. This demo addresses negativity between employees, but could be directed towards virtually any issue. The demo is brief, but with this software employers can “create an engaging e-learning experience that is explored by the user, with feedback given based on their experiences without a prescribed path – making decisions, not following steps. Answers to individual scenes direct the next panel.”
While it may be relatively easy to make the jump from classroom learning to an LMS, there are so many creative options out there to enhance courses and even get users to enjoy compliance training – as crazy as that may sound.

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