0605My customer service experience was in retail, at an international lingerie chain. Working behind the registers, I often dealt with frustrated customers needing to return or exchange products. While some of the problems that customers came to me with were due to faulty items, many of them could have been easily avoided if the customers better understood our products.

If your customers don’t understand your products or services, they could very easily end up with one that does not match their needs or live up to their expectations. By not educating customers on what your products are and how to get the most out of them, you could be setting your customers up for dissatisfaction.

The good news is that there are simple ways to make a big difference in the area of educating customers. Whether this involves something as in depth as a learning management system for more complicated issues or something as simple as a video tutorial for simpler ones, educating your customers about your products is key to their satisfaction.

In my retail example, two of the most common reasons people brought items in to be returned or exchanged were that the items didn’t fit correctly or had broken or worn down too quickly. Both of these are issues that could have been dealt with before the product was even purchased.

  • Fit issues: We offered in-store fittings where customers could be measured to ensure that they were picking their correct size.
  • Broken or prematurely worn out garments: We offered information on the proper way to care for and clean our garments.

Why did these options fail? When it came to fittings, many customers were not comfortable with the idea of being measured in intimate areas by a sales associate. Because of this, they often chose to purchase the size they believed they were, rather than the size they actually were, leading to an ill-fitting garment that caused discomfort. Garments brought back due to damage were occasionally defective, but were more often the result of someone running them through the washer and dryer, which could cause snags and tears in delicate lace items. Unfortunately many customers were not aware that their garments needed to be handled delicately, and didn’t know that we offered washing instructions upon request.

In this case, a simple video or photo tutorial could make a world of difference. The customer doesn’t feel comfortable being measured by a stranger? No problem! All they have to do is go to your website, where they can get step-by-step, visual instructions on how to measure themselves to ensure that they get a perfect fit. They’re worried about washing and drying their garments correctly? Again, no problem! Your simple video tutorial will teach them everything they need to know to ensure that their products have the longevity they should.

3820And if what you’re selling requires a more in-depth level of education, a learning management system like Avizr may be a good bet for you.


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