How To Create Automations

Avizr’s automations process takes the administrative hassles out of keeping up with trainees and tracking their progress. With our LMS platform, you can send trainees automatic reminders to register for courses and keep them on track to complete the courses they’re enrolled in. If a trainee needs to re-take a course, the system can automatically ask them to re-enroll. You’ll also receive daily summaries of trainee activities.

To set up your automatic reminders through the Avizr LMS:

1. Log into your Avizr Account and go to Settings->Automations.

2. Decide which Email Automations you would like to set up.

You can automatically re-invite trainees who haven’t yet registered for a course three days after receiving their invitation. In addition you can remind trainees to finish their course if they haven’t done so within three days of when the course is due. Finally, you can receive a daily summary of trainees’ activities right to your inbox.

3. Decide which Repeated Course Automations you would like to set up.

For some courses, such as compliance courses, you may want your trainees to repeat the courses every 6, 12, or 18 months. For each of your courses, we can automatically remove their last completed course from the system, and then re-invite them so that they must repeat the course.

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