CaptureAre you considering implementing a Learning Management System, but worried about the rate of course completion? This is a valid concern for those switching from classroom training to online education. If your employees are not sitting in front of an instructor, how do you know that they are taking the time to work through everything? Take a look through 5 tips for course completion for ways to ensure that your users complete their courses.


Improving Course Completion

  1. Quizzes/Assessments– The simplest solution is to insert a quiz or assessment at the end of each section. In order to move on, the user must correctly answer a passing percentage of questions about the material he or she has just covered.
  1. 6a00e54f8c25c9883401348589a904970c-500wiReward System– Providing a good incentive can be a great way to encourage participation and encourage course completion. If you have a large company with multiple departments, offer a catered office lunch or pizza party for the first department to have every member complete and pass the course. Smaller business? Provide a gift card to the user with the highest score.
  1. Flexibility– One of the biggest benefits to a Learning Management System is that users can complete a course  at their own pace. Is there a deadline that everyone must finish coursework by? Give users a 1-2 week time frame during which they can work through the course at their own pace. If they get it done on the first day, great! If it takes them a week? No problem. Your users will appreciate the control and flexibility you give them by allowing them to do it on their own time.
  1. imagesReminders/Interventions– Are there still a few stragglers who haven’t gotten around to the course? Get on them. Learning management systems such as Avizr allow administrators to check in at any time to see if users are staying on track. Are you two days away from the deadline, and Bob still hasn’t finished? Send him a reminder email letting him know that his department will be very upset if they find out he’s the reason they lost the pizza party.
  1. User Friendly– Is there a specific section of your program that has abnormally high failure rates? The fault may be with the course, rather than the users. Avoid “trick” questions in assessments, and make sure that all material is clear, concise, and broken down into “easily manageable lessons within the course.”

With the five suggestions we’ve gathered above, you can implement your new online training software with confidence, knowing that  users will not only complete the courses, but benefit from and enjoy the process much more than before.

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