3121One of the hardest parts about training employees, whether they’re new hires starting from scratch or seasoned veterans updating their compliance training, is helping them retain the material they’ve learned. 

This might sound difficult, but with the right tools it’s easier than you think. The key is to make training courses as engaging as possible and follow up with assessments and exercises to ensure that the material was understood.

Need a little more direction? Here are our top five tips for increasing course retention:

  1. Interspersed assessments and exercises. While putting assessments at the end of a course is a good way to test for overall retention, it doesn’t necessarily help users understand the material as they go. Placing interactive exercises and quizzes here and there throughout the course will encourage them to pay attention all the way through.
  2. academic-infographic-template_23-2147500681Infographics. If your material involves a lot of data and statistics, find new and interesting ways to display the information. Bright infographics will draw and hold attention much more effectively than dry, written stats and bar-graphs, and are also great for drawing connections. Just make sure that you’re not overwhelming users with useless information.
  3. Repetition. At the beginning of each new segment of material, take a minute to review the material covered in the previous section. If applicable, include an exercise demonstrating how the two segments tie in to each other. Periodically reviewing previous material and relating it to new material will help your users draw connections and retain what they’ve learned.
  4. Interactive content. Social media posts on platforms like Twitter and Facebook receive far more interaction if they include photos or videos than if they are straight text. The same concept applies here. Trainees will be much more involved in the material they are learning if you use interactive content that draws them in. This can be done in the form of comics, videos, games; whatever makes the most sense in the scheme of your training course. If you use video, make sure that it doesn’t consist solely of someone talking/reciting information. The best training videos make viewers feel like they are watching an interesting tv show, not a boring infomercial.
  5. 3829Instructor involvement. An online learning system like Avizr makes it easy for supervisors to tell where their trainees are in their coursework. If it looks like an employee is struggling, reach out! Everyone learns differently, and some methods may not work for certain people. Offering a helping hand and changing it up when necessary will not only help your employees retain information better, but will also improve morale and employee-supervisor relationships.

While training can be an extremely boring process, it certainly doesn’t have to be. If you’re struggling with employee training and need to revamp your system, try out some (or all) of our suggestions above, and let us know about your experience.

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