If your company is still using a traditional classroom setting to train new employees and your onboarding process consists of an orientation followed by dusty handbooks and manuals, you may be falling dangerously behind the times. An online learning management system (LMS) can help you incorporate the best of eLearning principles in ways that make sense for your company.

2308Young people entering the workforce are looking for modern, engaging–even entertaining–introductions to new jobs and companies. An outdated and boring onboarding process increases your chances of a high turnover rate among this demographic. If you’re looking to attract and retain bright young minds, the first step in the right direction is to create interactive training courses with an online learning management system (LMS), like Avizr.

Need a little extra push? Below are 5 advantages to E-learning.

  1. Reduce travel expenses. If you’re a company with employees scattered around the state, across the country, or internationally, an LMS (learning management system) eliminates travel expenses from the equation. Where before you had to pay for plane tickets, gas, lodging, and other expenses, now your employees can telecommute for conference calls and take courses remotely via a system like Avizr.
  2. Flexibility. eLearning allows employees to take courses on their own schedule. Problems often pop up throughout the work day and if a training session is scheduled for a specific time, it can interfere with other time-sensitive tasks. With an LMS, users can take the course whenever they have time. If it’s urgent, supervisors can easily put a deadline on a course. Even a little bit of flexibility can make a big difference in employee engagement.
  3. 7325Increased engagement. The truth of the matter is that most work training courses are boring. So boring. And with all of the media options available today, this really doesn’t have to be the case. With eLearning and an intuitive LMS it’s incredibly simple to add fun videos, interactive content, and more. Including interactive content will increase information retention, and maybe even enjoyment!
  4. Tracking and management. Most learning management systems provide analytics services that allow you to see where your employees are in their courses, how they are scoring on assessments, and much more. Avizr will even send you customized, weekly reports on courses of your choice.
  5. Easier updates. Training and compliance requirements are constantly changing. When you’re using a traditional, classroom method of training, each update requires printing new handbooks, creating new courses, hiring new instructors. With eLearning, updating can be as easy as purchasing new training videos and uploading them to your LMS site. Less hassle, and less paper.

There are far more than five reasons to make the switch, but the above list is a solid start. If you’re considering moving toward eLearning, pick an LMS provider like Avizr that offers free trials and take it for a test drive. Chances are it will make your training process a whole lot easier.

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